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Nov. 13-15: Oshawa, ON
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April 24-May 1, 2016

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Birthday Promotion

Welkin YogaLife Institute is a safe haven for like-minded people to unite for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth. All levels of experience are welcome, as we offer personalized attention. Explore yoga and Nia, free meditation classes, lifestyle and practice workshops, self-realization and meditation programs, and Yoga Alliance certified training. Join our community through online, email, and telephone courses, as well. Several times per year, we hold in-depth, weekend- long yoga intensives to help people seeking transformation and clarity.

what is yoga What people are saying about us:

"I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to join Welkin this week for my birthday. I've had the pleasure of joining three different instructors this week; Kristin, Jake and Karen; and they are all excellent. You definitely have the cream of the crop as far as yoga teachers. I love the atmosphere and energy that you have created in your peaceful space Erin. I've had a very positive experience this week. I hope to come back real soon. Thanks again, namaste!" ~T.

"Four years ago I started yoga to learn about breath practices I had read would be beneficial for epilepsy. I was extremely skeptical that yoga would be of benefit but now four years later I am seizure-free through weekly practice...Absolutely yoga has been beneficial; it has truly changed my life."

"Yoga has helped keep me comfortable and relaxed during my pregnancy. It is also allowing me to better prepare my body/mind/spirit for home birth. I really enjoy my teacher, Erin. I feel very comfortable with her. The teaching style she uses makes class very easy for me. Yoga helps me relax before bed and I fall asleep faster. I also try to find time to do it in the mornings to wake up my body. I definitely notice a real drop in tension in body/mind due to my practice. It makes such a wonderful difference for me. It improves my mood as well. I always leave glowing!!" ~Kristin C.

"Yoga class has helped [me] breathe in a much healthier way. [It has] given me a much healthier mind set in my life. The things I liked best were positiveness in everyone I have met [at Welkin], positiveness in the Instructor, and sharing insight with the class. I am breathing much better, taking time to be quiet, thinking before I speak, and meditating. I don't let the small stuff run on in my mind."

"Yoga class is very calming; the postures help my back. I feel happier and healthier. The things I liked best were the heated floor and room to do the poses. I try to do a daily practice, even if it is very brief. I am more aware of how my body feels if I haven't done yoga. I no longer have the frequent back pain I once had. I feel calmer in my daily life. I am better able to cope because of the relaxation and breathing taught in yoga."










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