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Welcome to Welkin YogaLife

MELT Method Workshop- New Way of Relieving Chronic Pain

Coming to Welkin YogaLife in Brantford on
March 28 @ 1-3pm.

Hi ! I'm Mary, and I am originally from the town of St. George. I invite you to spend 2 hours at Welkin Saturday afternoon, March 28, treating your body to the relaxation and ease that comes with rehydrating connective tissue. I've been a Nia teacher and conscious movement facilitator for over 10 years.

At MELT training I was impressed by the inspiring stories of healing and health from those around me. MELT helped me access my body in new ways.  As well, the feedback and results from students has been exceptional (even surprising me a little). There are few MELT teachers in Canada beyond major cities, so I am on the road to share MELT with outlying communities.
Look for MELT and Sue Hitzmann (MELT creator) this week as they are featured on Dr. Oz Wednesday, March 18th, (view Dr. Oz's Feb.17th show).

MELT Method offers you a doorway to the world of your fascia and nervous system, which support your bones, muscles and all other systems in your body.I look forward to MELTing with the Brantford community at Welkin. See you soon, Mary

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Welkin YogaLife Institute is a safe haven for like-minded people to unite for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth. All levels of experience are welcome, as we offer personalized attention. Explore yoga and Nia, free meditation classes, lifestyle and practice workshops, self-realization and meditation programs, and Yoga Alliance certified training. Join our community through online, email, and telephone courses, as well. Several times per year, we hold in-depth, weekend- long yoga intensives to help people seeking transformation and clarity.

"Yoga - so fun and beneficial!!! We are lucky to have you in Brantford!" ~ Mary Ann

"Yoga is the stilling of the waves of the mind,then the soul abides in its true nature." ~The Yoga Sutras

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